Q: How much do my grades (GPA) matter when I am applying for jobs?
Your GPA gives your employer some sense of how well you are doing in school and how committed you are to your education. For these reasons, many employers will have a positive impression of you if you have a high GPA. However, a high GPA does not guarantee you the position, nor does a lower GPA mean you will not get hired. Part of this depends on the job responsibilities and what kind of skills the position requires. Beyond this, most employers will look for a well-rounded individual who can be an asset to their organization. This means you might not do well in Math or History but you may be the president of a student organization and have excellent public speaking, time management, and social skills. Also, if your grades used to be low but you have improved them in the past 1-2 years, this shows you were able to make a change in your life and that will reflect positively on you.

Q: Where do I buy (affordable) work clothes?
Professional attire can be expensive! But it doesn’t have to be. Browse around at the Good Will or Salvation Army stores and you are likely to find some dress pants, shirts, and blazers. Other thrift stores may also have some professional clothes. Department stores that sell brand-name new clothes at discounted prices include Ross and TJ-Maxx. Target and Walmart or other big retailers may also sell what you are looking for.

Q: Your resume and job application may not be the only ways employers gather information about you. They may also search you online to see your ‘cyber footprint’, including your social media pages. What does this mean for you?
1) Don’t post any photos or content that you wouldn’t want your parents or a future employer to see. Even something that is harmless might be taken out of context so better safe than sorry.
2) If you do post something that is maybe part of your social life but not your professional identity, change your settings to private so only your friends or certain people can see it! If you are not sure what people can view, Google yourself in an incognito window (Ctrl + Shift + N on PC) and see what comes up. A positive professional online presence can work in your favor but a negative one can make a wrong first impression and maybe even damage your chances of a job.  See more about social media etiquette here.

Something similar can be said about your email address. You want it to reflect your name and your affiliation (school, company), not something like , or If you don’t have a school or work email, using something like or also works. Minimize using numbers.

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