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• Submit application online (typically found on the company's website under 'employment' or 'careers')
• When submitting resume, make sure to use a variety of verbs and similar words/phrases used in the job description
• Call or visit in person within 2 weeks to follow up on your application.

Same day interviews
• Can be spontaneous (always be prepared to talk about yourself and interest in the job when you walk in to apply or follow up on an application)
• Call back within 2 weeks

Job application
• Promote yourself (without boasting, write about your strengths and why they should hire you)
• Always use trusted references or refer to human resource manager
• Express previous achievements, no matter how small. Share what you have accomplished to demonstrate passion and commitment.
• Write down all skills that all apply to you. You could think in terms of these categories:

  • Leadership (What kind of leader are you? What kind of initiatives have you taken? Have you ever been someone's role model?)
  • Communication (Do you communicate effectively with a variety of audiences? Are you particularly   strong in verbal or written communication? Are you a good motivator or public speaker?)
  • Computer (Mention if you know how to code or use certain programs, such as Word, Excel,                             Powerpoint, Publisher, statistical software, Photoshop).
  • Personal (How would your close friends and family describe you? Think about specific talents you    have, e.g. playing a musical instruments, painting, community organizing, sports, debate team, organizing events).

• Always gear the application towards the specific job.

• It can work in your advantage to show up and show initiative, but the manager might not be available.
• Be considerate about time invested by business.

  • If someone takes time out of their job be considerate that they are spending time on you. Always    thank them for their time. A hand-written card is one of the best ways to make a positive          impression.​

To summarize:
• Always inform yourself of the company and specific job specifications and requirements. Read the job     description carefully, Go on the organization's website to see what they do and what their mission and goals are.
• Follow up after about 2 weeks of submitting your application or your interview if you haven't heard from them to see where they are at in the hiring process. Be polite and brief.
• Always be prepared for an interview (including the spontaneous ones) when you walk into a store looking for a job.

• Always dress professionally.

Job Applications