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Places to look:

  • Start within your community!
  • Classmates
  • Friends
  • Church members
  • Relatives

Look for places that you frequently visit:

  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Local Businesses
  • School Resources
  • Career center
  • School counselors
  • Schools often offer many resources that may lead into internships and jobs

Create networks within your community
Always remember that good networking starts on a good foundation and starting as early as possibly is best. Those include:

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Counselors
  • Church Members​

Up to this point, these are the people who know your character and are able to vouch for you. Tell them what kind of job you are looking for, if you know. If you are unsure what kind of job you want, tell them what you are passionate about. Maybe next time they see a job related to your passion, they will connect you.

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Once you gain work experience and acquire a higher education, seek out to people with higher professions. Those include:

  • Managers
  • Human Resources (HR) Professionals
  • Professors

The more you do and the better quality of work you put out, the more people will be happy in giving their recommendations on your work ethic!

Develop and Market Professional Skills
All your life, you have been told NOT to brag or talk about yourself, but when it comes to getting a job this is when you
HAVE to SELL YOURSELF. Remember that in order to sell yourself, you have to know yourself. If you have no idea you can take leadership skills tests online. This will give you:

  • Examples of your skills and which skills are marketable
  • A better idea of what kind of leader you are

Suggestions of jobs that match your personality What are marketable skills?

  • Having good time management
  • Good communication
  • Good listener
  • Calm and patience
  • Honesty
  • Confidence
  • Speaking another language

Where do I get these skills?

  • Volunteer (you can find volunteer opportunities at​
  • Be involved in after-school activities
  • Be involved in your school, community, or family. There are always organizations and people in your area that could use your help. Giving examples of how you have helped others are important to highlight when you apply for jobs. Make sure to add a reflection about what you learned in the process.

Remember that as your education and skills increase, you have to reevaluate which skills you would gain and decide to share with both employees and employers.

Connect past experiences to the job you are applying for.  For instance:

  • If you want to be a tutor, you may not have former tutoring experience but you may have helped your younger siblings with their homework. Mention that and how that taught you how to be patient, help others learn, etc.
  • If you want to work in health care but you've never done that before, you could talk about other jobs you have had that require communicating with and taking care of customer/client needs (e.g. restaurants, stores, other businesses), or how you have acted as an interpreter for your parent at school, doctor's appointments.

Where to Start?