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Purpose of a Resume

The purpose of a resume is to demonstrate your knowledge and experiences to a potential employer. Employers want to see how you can contribute to their organization based on your knowledge and experiences, and will make a judgement of you based on your resume. Therefore, it is important to have clear and concise content that describes you and your experiences.

To begin with your resume you need to know what content to include.

Begin with a list of any extra-curricular activities, volunteering opportunities, work experience, educational accomplishments, languages, sports or anything that you believe adds value to your knowledge.
Note: Do not underestimate your experiences, there are lots of transferable skills learned in any activity you take part in.

Always quantify results:     Nope:  Hosted activities in club meetings
                                          Yeap: Hosted meeting activities to over 20 students on a weekly basis

Be specific:   Nope: Drew the logo for ABC organization
                     Yeap: Conceptualized new ABC organization logo using Photoshop

Now format your experiences into a resume presentation. There is not a single format for resumes. But it should be clear, easy to read, with no grammatical errors. It is always helpful for someone to help you proof read your resume for any mistakes one may oversee. Also, your sentences should also begin with action words (Maintained, advised, motivated, managed).

Note: Large company recruiters use information systems to filter resumes that seem fit to the position.
If applying through a database or to a large company, try to use as many key words or repeating words listed on the job description. Ex: (Sales, customer service, analytical skills, etc).
When submitting you resume, submit it as a word file, and not PDF as the system will pick up the key words. If submitted as a PDF file, it submits as a picture and the company’s system will not be able to read it.

Sample resume:
                                                        Your Name (First and Last)


                                            Contact Information (email, phone number)

Objective:        Write what you are looking for, or what your next step is going to be.

          Ex: To obtain experience of the day-to-day work of a business through a part time job, summer                   internship and/or job shadowing experience.

          (An objective is optional, but if you include it, you need to tailor your resume according to your own             objective and position you are applying for)

Education:         Charlotte High School                                                      Graduation Date:
                            Charlotte, NC                                                               GPA: (if 3.0 or higher)
                            List any courses relevant to the job

Experience:        The Home Depot                             (Work Dates) Month Year-Month Year

  • Plumbing Sales Associate
  • Serviced and translated to customers in both English and Spanish communication.
  • Recommended solutions to customer plumbing issues
  • Executed daily department shelf stocking tasks
  • Contributed to more than $2,800 in appliance sales

Leadership:        Key Club                               (Leadership dates) Month Year- Month Year

  • Treasurer
  • Maintained account balances using Microsoft Excel spread sheets
  • Presented monthly account balances using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Contacted local companies for sponsorship opportunities
  • Developed fundraising ideas that raised more than $200
  • Bought all the materials needed for fundraising activities

Additional        Computer skills: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Social Media.
Skills:                Languages: Fluent Spanish oral and written communication
                           (Any additional skills you may have)

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